Friday, 28 September 2012

Facebook and Twitter

Our Software now has Facebook and Twitter! Take a look and please share or follow.

Twitter: @KajijiNovel

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Important info that has nothing to do with the story.

Here is the mandatory concept art.

Alright, this post is actual sort of important, here are some facts:

-We decided to make a whole new engine for the VN, meaning we will -not- be using Ren'py.

-Once the engine is done, we will release a around 10 minute-ish demo that will introduce some main characters. This won't be our like...official demo, after we get to a certain point we will have the whole first chapter released as a true demo.

-We have a twitter account now:!/VNHopesDreams  Don't expect anything important to be posted on it for now...or really used for now. Maybe once we have some actual followers we'll bother to use it.

Ah fuck it, I'll give some info on the story as well, since that is obviously the most important thing...right?

Well to keep it short and sweet there is this superhero, what's his name? What does he do? Don't worry, that isn't important. But what -is- important is that he dies, a horrible electrifying death. But in his death, pieces of his body are scattered through lightning and hit various people (Like our MC for example or the young skippy fellow we have above.). Now what this does is well...give them superpowers. They all are stronger,faster, more durable. But also depending on the piece of the body they were struck by (Like the left arm, or the right leg, etc) they will have special powers relating to that body part and that is special for them. Any character who you've seen posted so far will be one of the characters who get said powers.

EXICTED YET TO READ THIS? No? Damn. Cause that's all I got to say for now.
Keep tuned for more ~

Oh and you didn't hear this from me, but we may have the same animation team that may have worked on some big titles like Emperor's New Groove and that new Voltron show.

Also regardless if I have commented on it already, but title "Hopes and Dreams" is not the official title, it's simply a stand-in until we come up with a title. 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sinking my time into unrelated matters

Wonder if I should be posting things totally unrelated to the VN here? Doubt it, but anyway, the very few (two or three) people who follow this blog should go check out SkullGirls, great game that's probably only going to get better~

Eh I'll tack on something related, we got most characters thought up for now. Once concept for the remaining main cast is finished I'll probably put up another blog with ACTUAL information, and a good amount, trust me. Look forward to it ~

Monday, 9 April 2012

Main Character

Hm, where to begin; This is the Main character (The guy you play as, isn't he cool?) Well anyway in short , without spoiling too much. He's a selfish slacker, spends all his time in his room, takes, takes and takes, quits when shit gets too hard, and is well...just a bum. So he decides to leave his house for the first time in months, and guess what? His friends ditch him, shoulda saw that coming. Anyway he gets hit by a lightning and suddenly he has super powers. So he decides this is the perfect chance to turn his life around and do something with his life.  Why did this happen? Well you need to read the actual VN at some point, are you suddenly super excited to play? No? Well fuck, guess you'll have to wait till the next blog post to get to experience that.

But in all seriousness here is some concept art for our main "hero", why is he wearing a suit? Why not?
Note he won't always look like (Right side) after he's hit by lightning, think of it like his secret identity.
I'll reveal abit more about the main story in the next post ~

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Overdue Update

Sorry for the lack of updates in recent weeks, but don't worry this project is very much alive. But if you were attached to the concept we told you about in the first two posts of the blogs, you are in for quite a surprise. I can't go into details at the moment, but it's going to be a Whole different story.